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Saki's smiling memoji

Hello, I'm Saki!

I am a User Experience Researcher with a focus on Accessibility & Inclusive Design.

I currently work at Woven by Toyota as a UX Researcher in Tokyo. I am responsible for both foundational and evaluative research by using various research methods.



Feeling Sports:
Designing Non-visual Watching Sports Experiences

Role: Principal UX Researcher / Designer

Type: Multi-phased Qualitative Research

Partner: NYU Ability Project, NFB

People are in the football stadium and look excited with a application screenshot and a logo of NYU Ability Project.

An Independent & Interactive
Museum Experience for Blind

Role: Principal UX Researcher

Type: Multi-phased Qualitative Research

Stakeholders: IBM, CMU & The Andy Warhol Museum

A lady is standing in front of a big painting and her guide dog is sitting down next to her.

XR City Subway Map:
Navigate You to a Destination

Role: UX Designer / Researcher

Method: Competitive Analysis + Market Research

Client: NYU Ability Project & Regine Gilbert

Coming soon!

A guy wears a VR headset, and desktop screen shows a subway map.

Eclipse Soundscapes:
Citizen Science Project

Role: UX Designer / Project Assistant

Method: Co-design + Prototyping 

Research Phase: Ideation & Prototyping 

Client: NASA, NYU & ARISA Lab

Coming soon!

A young boy is studying with a black board, and a desktop screen shows a solor eclipse and sound waves with the logo of NASA.
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