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User Experience Researcher

with a passion for Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Saki wears kimono, Japanese traditional clothes, with a big smile.

Hey there! Thank you for visiting here to get to know me better! 

I believe inclusive and accessible experiences and products will benefit everyone, not only people with disabilities. Spending my life with a blind mother, I have seen her struggle with so many things in her daily life, but also I witnessed technology did help her and improve her quality of life. Thinking about UX and accessibility is naturally integrated into my life and now, I want to contribute to making the world a better place.

I am passionate about integrating the perspective of accessiblity and inclusive design into any project at the beginning, so products can reach out to more diverse customers and teams do not have to re-think a product life cycle after releasing. It's a win-win solution ✌️


My personal interest is Conversation Design and haptic feedback that I'm self-learning now :) 

Award & Recognition

Inclusive Excellence Award

2021 NYU Commencement Award

Featured Student

2021 NYU Tandon School of Engineering

5 Fun Facts

Coming soon...!

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